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relief from lumber prices, and it is a direct result from NAHB’s meeting with Secretary Ross. These are ongoing efforts on NAHBs part to help our industry and to work to encourage the US to negotiate on the Tariffs.

Other key items are Labor and Immigration which until the mid-year elections are completed there will be little movement. NAHB is taking the lead and being proactive by introducing BUILD MY FUTURE and growing our labor force by grassroots efforts.

Housing Finance is still a key focus from A&D to mortgage loans for home buyers. President Trump signed Executive order to repeal parts of Dodd-Frank act, and we continue to push for a Full repeal and roll out of the parts that have been repealed.

WOTUS Rule is still an issue that we are looking at President Trump to sign an Executive Order to review the 2015 EPA policy. And currently the EPA and Army corp. recommend we go back to the pre-2015 guidelines until they come up with a new definition of WOTUS. NAHB plans to be in the forefront helping to contribute to the new guidelines.

Healthcare earlier this year NAHB Chairman Randy Noel attend an event at the White House where President Trump signed executive order to repeal part of Obamacare which would allow an organization to have group health care. As it was moving forward 14 state attorney generals have filed suit against the repeal, and it is headed to court. Hopefully, we will receive a favorable decision and be able to add this benefit to our members soon.

Tax Reform was signed into law in December 2017 to date it is putting thousands of dollars back in peoples paychecks as it is being rolled out the NAHB is keeping an eye on it and how it will affect our business.

As you can tell it has been a busy year and there is a lot that is going on to affect our business and the families we serve. We continue to look at key issues like soft cost that have a direct cost on the homes we build and the families we serve. I encourage all of you to be involved in helping make a difference. If we don’t stand and fight for ourselves, they will take it away from us.

In closing let me say it is an honor to serve as your State Representative to NAHB and to serve as the state Moderator. I encourage all of you to be involved

At the local, state, nationally and participate to make us great. ¦