Continued Story

exacerbated by an escalating trade skirmish. Interest rates are also forecast to keep rising. Moreover, there could be market volatility in the months ahead as communities grapple with the aftershocks of Hurricane Florence. Still, the overall housing market should continue modest growth this year, fueled by increasing demand among millennials and other newcomers.”

So with my crystal ball in place, all signs point to now is the “time to buy.” We will have a little market stability as we always do when the elections are in the rearview mirror. Forecast of higher interest rates means the best rate available is now. We just need to continue to tell our story to the elected officials that housing is key to a solid economy.

Special Thank You.

Thank you to all who supported Build PAC through the year(s). Once again, Oklahoma on a per capita basis continued to perform beyond expectations. We once again exceeded our goal. That means a healthy split-back to our state which sure makes our executive officer Mike Means smile. So since this is our last issue for 2018 (and last one it seems in magazine format) I want to put a little spotlight on those who helped Oklahoma shine. If you see these folks, give them a big pat on the back and thank them for their generosity.