Building our future together
State Rep’s Report

Hello fellow OSHBA members I hope this finds all of you doing well, and having a busy and prosperous year. There are several items I hope to cover in this

article to bring up to date on all that is going on at NAHB and around the state.

The first item is our chairman, Randy Noel, earlier this year met with President Trump at the White House and committed that NAHB and Local HBA’s would provide over 500,000 new workers for the Residential Construction industry.

Oklahoma has already stepped up to the challenge in many different ways. We have established student chapters at both Oklahoma State and at The University of Oklahoma. Working with the local VoTech by providing scholarship and other items. The largest initiative currently being undertaken is BUILD MY FUTURE, this is a program that introduces high students to the opportunities that are available in residential

construction and the professional trades. Two of the state locals Tulsa HBA and COHBA will hold

these events. Tulsa HBA has held their event, and it was a huge success they had almost 1000 students attend and learn about opportunities open to them and their future. They even had a special guest, Congressman Markwayne Mullins, who spent over two hours with them. The program is off to a great start.

As I’m writing this article, it is just before mid-year elections, and I hope all go out and vote for pro-housing candidates at the local, state, and nationally.

Build Pac has worked hard to ensure our issues are front and center and convey how vital housing Is to our economy.

NAHB continues to work on the key issues that affect our business and the families we serve. We have seen a little