What does the wind of change bring?
President’s First Word

It brings a new season. We are entering fall now. Already temperatures in Oklahoma have dipped into the 30’s. Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around

the corner. What changes does it bring to the building industry? Many regulations have been turned back this year by the current administration. Lumber prices have fallen from an all-time high in June to close to February’s price levels in October. New silica regulations took effect this year. Endless new code changes. How do keep up with all? Take advantage of the many classes offered through the year at your local associations. NAHB offers many web-based classes many of which are free. Also, you can attend great classes offered at our annual OK Building Summit in OKC. Make sure you are prepared when OSHA comes calling. As the general contractor, you are responsible for the safety of the workers on your job.

Change is also coming to the leadership of all our HBA affiliates across the state. New presidents and officers will be installed. New board members will be elected, and lots of new members will be attending HBA events. I encourage all of you to get involved with your association. This is your industry. This is how you make your living. Do you want the future of your business controlled by others or do you want to have a voice in your future? It’s up to you.

Finally, I have devoted time this year to visiting as many of our local associations as I can. I enjoy meeting people across the state and learning something about the individuals and their associations. I look forward to seeing as many of you as I can in the future, and I hope to see you at our annual installation gala in January. ¦