Last Issue
By All Means

There is an idiom in our conversation that comes to mind as I write this column, “all good things come to an end.” I always took it as motivation to go back to work following a vacation. But in this case, it means the end of our magazine publication. It seems our magazine has followed the way of many print publications in that it just isn’t getting the bang for the buck anymore. There are easier and less expensive ways to get information to our members.

We have enjoyed a healthy run with the Oklahoma Builder magazine. When I came on board, it was a quarterly publication and averaged about 20 to 24 pages. Hoping to curtail rising costs we trimmed the size to 16 pages. Then our situation improved a little, and we kept it at 16 pages and published it bi-monthly. We hoped to keep the news as timely as possible.

Then the great recession hit, and we had to go back to quarterly. And as the times changed, advertising approaches changed, and we cut back to 12 pages. The inevitable was, well, inevitable!

We will look to strengthen our digital reach to you, our members. We want this to give you the information you want, that is relevant, and delivered in a very timely fashion. Please bear with us as we revamp our process and try some different approaches. Another way to get very concise, relevant information is through our texting service. Just text OSHBA to 95577 and then respond accordingly and you will be signed up for texts.

Please feel free to let us know what you like and dislike as we try to keep our communications fresh, relevant and valuable to you.

New Year, Similar Efforts

The Legislature will soon be back in town and will begin a new session. New Governor, new Lt. Governor, and many new members promises to be a pretty exciting and interesting time. We have issues that affect the affordability of housing that are on our list, but what will be the hot issue this year is anybody’s guess. Education still seemed to be a top topic during the campaign, but will it generate the same intensity as last year?

Since there are so many new members, we have a special request. If you are a friend or acquainted with a new member of the legislature, will you let us know about this valuable connection? It can prove very beneficial to helping the industry in the future.

Well, signing off. It has been fun writing these columns. Now I will have to get used to doing them in smaller chunks …. I don’t think that will be too hard. ¦