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I just returned from Portland Oregon this week from the mid-year national board meeting. There are a few things I would like to share from that meeting. The IBS locations until 2033 have been set. The show will be held in Las Vegas every year except 3 which will move back to Orlando. Those 3 years were due to scheduling conflicts and remodeling, after that the show is scheduled to be in Las Vegas permanently.

A very useful new feature is the NAHB Advocacy App. Go to play store and download the NAHB Advocacy 2.0 app. There are many useful tools there. For example, you can open Codes and Standards and then Best Practices for Home Builders. There you will find many topics like whole house ventilation to installation of common insulation types. There may be many answers to questions right there at your fingertips.

As a reminder in order for NAHB to remain strong, our membership has to remain strong. Don’t forget all you have to do is ask. Now it is easier than ever to join. With the use of Dues Hub dues can be paid monthly if desired. That’s a lot easier to swallow for some people. Rather than paying 500 or $600 all at once, they can now pay $50 per month automatically if they wish. ¦