Associates Chair

Hello to all HBA members throughout the State of Oklahoma. Did you know that your annual dues covers not only your local membership but also your

full membership in OSHBA and NAHB. Although grass roots (local) are where most of the action happens for each of us, there are many benefits that accrue to us through our state and national associations. The Oklahoma State Home Builders Association has a wealth of resources for members, from Contract standardized forms to Professional Builder Warranty Products. We have a stellar State Insurance Program offering Builders Risk and Workers Comp through CompSource, both at significant savings.

Our associations exist for the benefit of the members, and the corollary is that membership is the lifeblood of the association. After a sustained period of little to no growth, membership numbers appear to be trending upward lately. Others can speak about membership better than I but the more members we have, the stronger our association becomes. Builders and associates alike stand to gain from the resources available at all levels of membership. Current Builder members can improve their standing in the building community through participation in the Certified Professional Builder (CPB) program. CPB’s also have special standing with some City building permit departments around the state. Past State President Phil Rhees has an outstanding short clip on the CPB on the state website –I encourage you to take a look. The reason for listing some resources available through HBA membership is so that you might have some