President’s First Word

Many members and potential members have asked me what does the National Association of Home Builders do for them. Let me outline a few things for you. National membership declined starting in 09 through 2015. NAHB didn’t have as good of relations with Washington as in previous years. The past 3 years membership has risen, and the executive team has been working hard to regain our relationship with Washington.

Recently the White House invited the executive team of over 70 members to a sit-down meeting. That hasn’t happened before where the White House call us. During the meeting, discussions were ranging from lumber tariffs to home financing and health care. Randy Noel NAHB’s national Chairman, told Vice President Mike Pence, if you keep housing strong, then the economy will remain strong. Our NAHB chairmen in the past two years have had many meeting with President Trump and Vice President Pence.

NAHB along with the Home Builders Institute recently announced a commitment to train 50,000 workers over the

next 5 years for careers in the construction industry. dAs part of this initiative, the administration is asking companies and associations to sign a pledge committing them to expanding apprenticeships, increasing on-the-job training and providing students and workers the training and opportunities they need to succeed in the American workforce.

Waters of the US rules have been relaxed under the current administration. Some cases that have been tied up in litigation for 10 years have now been settled with the help of former EPA head Scott Pruitt. The Obama era “Persuader Rule” has officially been rescinded. This rule required lawyers and consultants to report to the Department of Labor any discussions an employer may have with council on union organizing.

While you may not see day to day things that affect your business, you can be assured that without NAHB your business would be greatly negatively affected. Thanks to the great leadership and staff of NAHB for their help in making our association strong.