Wall anchors traditionally involve a cut or wedge-type nail, but now fasteners have to be from an approved list. Interior load-bearing walls are required to be anchored to the slab. Hand driven cut or concrete nails are not approved for this application.

Residential Spas And Hot Tubs

There are now fencing requirements for pools and hot tubs. If you have a swimming pool, you have to have a safety barrier, i. e. four-foot tall with self-closing and self-latching gates, with

the latch 54 inches above the ground. The fence cannot have pickets a certain distance apart. Most cities have not had a standard to really enforce swimming pools. If you are on two acres or more, you are exempt.

The Door Between House And Garage

Egress door from garage. The door between the house and the garage has to have self-closing hinges, i. e. the door has to close behind you. This prevents carbon monoxide getting in the house is in case you leave a car running, it will also prevent loss of energy from the conditioned space. And if you have a detached garage, now you have to have side door, so you have another way to get in and out of garage in case of a power outage.

Storm Shelters And Safe Rooms

If you a build a safe room or shelter in your house, it has to meet ICC NSSA500, i. e. it is being built to a recognized building code standard. “Many people are putting safe rooms under stairs and boarding it up, and doing things that would not withstand a tornado. If you call it a safe room, you have to register it in each county with emergency management and it has to abide by code. However, any room or structure may be used as a place of refuge during a severe wind storm event, but shall not be defined as a storm shelter or safe room unless specifically designed to the requirements listed in Section R323. On your building plans, are you designating that area as a concrete closet or are you using the technical terms of “storm shelter” or “safe room”? In this case, verbiage matters.

Wood Structural Sheathing

The perimeter around the house or on the roof can no longer be installed with staples. You have to use proper nails, due to wind and the overall quality of installation. See the Fastener schedule in the IRC 2015 for a list of proper fasteners.

Informative PowerPoint by builder Curtis McCarty on code changes –go to ‘Members only’ tab/summit presentations on¦