This election could determine if the housing and economic recovery stays on track or veers off course...

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ceeding with the anticipated 2017 dues increase given the financial hardship it would cause to a significant segment of Affiliated Local Associations. As a result, the Senior Officers announced that at the January 2017 meeting of the Board of Directors they would bring forth a motion to amend the Board’s prior action with respect to the 2017 dues increase. Accordingly, the motion would defer the $16 dues increase for one year to take effect on Jan. 1, 2018.

The NAHB has announced the winners of its inaugural Defender of Housing awards. The awards recognize federal legislators who have demonstrated strong support for housing and NAHB positions on key issues facing our industry. To view a list of the award recipients go to; www.nahb.org/en/find/award-programs/defender-of-housing. aspx

Endorsements, A First

For the first time in its 74-year history, NAHB is officially endorsing candidates for the U. S. House and Senate in the upcoming elections. The incumbents and candidates from both political parties NAHB is endorsing have all exhibited a commitment to

advance policies that will support homeownership and rental housing opportunities for Americans. This election could determine if the housing and economic recovery stays on track or veers off course, so be sure to exercise your privilege to vote on Nov. 8. To view a list of the candidates NAHB is endorsing for Congress, go to; www.nahb.org/en/advocate/congressional-endorsements. aspx. It should also be noted that the NAHB does not endorse candidates for President.

Up The National Ladder

Lastly, I have considered it a great honor to serve you, the Oklahoma State Home Builders Association as the NAHB State Representative for Oklahoma over the last few years.

At the NAHB Summer Board and associated meetings, I was nominated and elected by Area 11 of the NAHB to serve as the Nation Association Chairman for Area 11 or NAC for short. In this position, I will represent Area 11 which includes Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.

I am very proud to announce that Tony Foust will serve the remaining year of my term as the Oklahoma State Representative, since I cannot serve as both the state rep and as the NAC. At our fall OSHBA Board meeting, Tony accepted the position and was officially voted in by the Board. (See full article, Page 5) Tony is a leader and a longtime participating member.

Kurt Dinnes is president of OSHBA and state rep to NAHB. He can be contacted at kurtd@suncustomhomesok.comor at (405) 641-2154.

Read more of our state rep’s comments on our blog at www.oshba.org.¦